More Contributors!

A Science Nerdist has been added! Please welcome Sarah Clark, a research specialist at University of Pennsylvania’s School of Medicine specializing in Radiation Oncology. More importantly, she was the “Non-Sequitur Award” winner for the most recent Nerdist Photo Caption Contest.

Well it’s really just the one at this point…but I’m not done! Look for Sarah’s delightful science round-ups starting tomorrow!

More to come…

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  • glad to see some female contributors – how about a female GUEST sometime soon? miss piggy has been the only female voice so far! 17 podcasts and all dudes is lame even for nerds.

  • @kt – How did I never notice that the podcast has thus far been a sausage fest??? I’ve seen plenty of evidence that Chris is the rare sort of nerd who can talk to girls, so I’m sure he’ll get to some womens eventually.

  • author

    Glad you’re all psyched! The new editor of the Nerdist is a lady as well. I’ll introduce her soon.

    As far as ladies on the podcast, it just boils down to who’s right for the show and their availability. I would LOVE more female guests but you have to admit that in the realm of comedy, dudes outnumber ladies by a lot.

    I’ve already talked to a bunch of ladies who have agreed to come on and we’re just pinning down the scheduling. This has been in no way an effort to “slight” the opposite sex. It’s just logistical at this point. That being said, we’re recording “Community” and “Mad Men”‘s Alison Brie in a couple weeks.

    Someone on Twitter accused me of misogyny yesterday. ME. Probably the most tolerant, wants-everyone-to-get-along, everyone-should-be-happy-and-equal in this life. I am WAY too focused on being hard on myself to hate women.

    Now please let’s all just have fun!

  • Thanks for explaining about the lack of female guests, Chris. Glad to hear you’ll be having one on the podcast soon. I saw that tweet yesterday. I even questioned it with my own tweet. Seriously, you are not a misogynist, nor have I ever thought that of you. Clearly that person is someone who doesn’t understand your humor. The fact that you call women vaginas doesn’t mean you hate them. I’m not offended by it. I’m all for having fun and getting along. :) *hugs*

  • I didn’t tweet that because Chris, you are not a misogynist. however I did question when you’ll have female guest in your podcast a few weeks ago. Anyway, allison brie! Heart her tons.