Contributors Rolling In…

Thank you! You have all been very patient throughout this contributor-adding process. I received over 400 submissions, which is astounding to me. They took some time to go through, but it pleases me that so many kick-ass, creative nerds want to mash words onto this wee blog.

I’ve started sending invite emails to a few people, and will continue to do so over the course of the next couple of weeks. If you don’t receive one, fret not…this is an ongoing process. Also, I have a new web thing that will need contributors as well (I’ll announce that officially soon) so don’t think you’re totally out of the game. Also, because of the sheer number of emails, I was not able to personally respond to everyone with a “Thanks tons!” so please forgive me for that!

As early as tomorrow you’ll start to see posts by new folks, and I hope you’ll be as supercool and kind to them as you have been to me. Finally, those little “by [NAME]” under the post titles will serve a purpose! Engage them! Comment in their threads! We’re all just here to share information and ideas.

Please join me in welcoming the first three Nerdist contributors:

Jessica Barton – Book Nerdist

Andy Neuenschwander – Tech Nerdist

C.A.B. Fredericks – Shark Nerdist
(yes, I thought it would be fun to have one person devoted solely to sharks)

More names to come! And again, PILES OF THANKS!!!

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  • Am I bummed that I wasn’t one of the lucky few? Sure, but I’m also excited and incredibly supportive of these newcomers.

    Good luck to all three of you, and I can’t wait to read your work!

  • cool! never thought that others than the great chris might contribute to your blog… that is what you’re talking about, right?

    anyway, will jessica, in covering books, also be covering comic books? or will someone else be assigned that topic?

  • Lots of supportive people here, which is cool…I guess. I’ll be honest, I’m relatively vapid about not getting chosen. Then again, green is my favorite color. Additionally, just to be different, a shark nerdist?? Color me unimpressed.

  • Congrats!

    Really wanted to do this but I don’t really know anything cool. Unless you want to out-source your Doctor Who ranting. I could do that.

  • That others are excited about the Shark Nerdist makes me smile. Get ready for the Nerdist comments to be filled with jaunty talk of remoras, Ampullae of Lorenzini, bite force, breaching, etc… Can’t wait!

  • Sharks, huh? Profiles of all 350+ species? Or recent discoveries likes the Megaladon nursery in the Isthmus of Panama? Or maybe just really sweet photos of Great Whites from Chris Fallows and others? As an avid shark researcher, I’ll be looking forward to what comes out.

  • Congrats to Jessica, Andy and C.A.B.! I think the shark nerdist is gonna be cool. I’m happy for everyone. Looking forward to hearing from these new contributors.

  • This is the most exciting news of today today. Not sure what that says about life, exactly, but I look forward to these new contributors in all their terrific nerdy glory.

  • Sounds cool. I wish I would have been aware of the choosing and selection process then I could have entered my name in there and hopefully would have been chosen as run-on sentences nerdist.

  • I wonder if i got the email wrong???a shark nerdist……. if a shark is anything like a dolphin this is going to be one sexual topic, damn i really thought a Food Nerdist would win anybody over, i guess shark is in!!!

  • Will the Shark Nerdist be covering the way killer whales flip over and disorient sharks?

    And will there be a “under-achieving” Nerdist?
    I.E.: one of those guys that are incredibly smart in useless facts; probably doesn’t have a real job; and lives in a relatives basement.

  • @ Meghan
    Yeah, I read the whole paper on the megalodon nursery on PLoS, but there didn’t seem to be too many jokes, except for someone about “Pliocene Williamsburg” being Colonial Williamsburg for extremists.

    Cool stuff though. The babies were 6 feet long, yikes.

    @ Everyone
    Love the enthusiasm; hoping not to disappoint. Please feel free to call me out, tip me off, out me off, or call me “Tip.”

  • I really wanted to do film contributions, but I figured you’d be better off with someone who is up-to-date with the lastest movies rather than obsessed with movies of the past. But, hey, if you need me I’m totally there xD

  • I can be the resident (self-proclaimed) Good Girl Nerdist. Not that anyone here needs a lesson in ethics…it’s just might be only thing I’m proudly nerdy about.