iPad Arcade Cabinet!!! HO. LY. SHIIIIIIIIIT!!!

Now I normally wouldn’t drop a swear in a post title but COME ON. This is GEEEEEENNNNIIIIIUUUSSSSSS!!! An innovation like this for a product that isn’t even out yet??? This is Fashion Forward for nerds!

Justify the $150 you’ll spend on it by making it your permanent iPad dock. And also because it’s the greatest thing ever made by humans. Toddle on over to Think Geek right fucking now!!!

iCade – The iPad Arcade
via @shanenickerson
PS – I freak out a little every time I look at the picture.

UPDATE: Yes, I am an idiot. This is not real. I forgot it was April 1st. I hate April 1st. In any case, Think Geek should always think like it’s April 1st because they come up with awesome stuff that way. And remember, last year’s Tauntaun sleeping bag joke ended up becoming a reality, so maybe this could actually happen at some point…but only if they like money.