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Nerdist Podcast: Jon Hamm

I’ve been pals with Jon for a couple of years now and he is as gracious as he is talented and funny. Here’s an example: After we recorded this episode I tried to hijack him into doing a quick sketch for Web Soup in the bathroom. I KNOW I KNOW it sounds terrible. Jon, who I later discovered was late for something, was actually going to do it anyway. When I realized (fortunately) that my idea was stupid and I was taking advantage of his time I immediately released him of any further obligation, BUT HE REALLY WOULD HAVE DONE IT.  That’s how far down the niceness hole Jon Hamm goes. That sentence was unintentionally filthy but I would nonetheless like you to join me in a rousing round of applause for Jon right now, whatever else you may be doing.

Incidentally ‘Niceness Hole’ was the name of my anime cosplay band.

Jon Hamm discusses his lost SNL sketch, Chris doesn’t understand how beards work, Jonah is a star-maker and Matt likes the Dave Matthews Band.