Doggie Butt Covers. You Heard Me.

Thumbs up INDEED, Smiley Cyrus!

Tired of staring at your dog’s ugly crap crevice? Well slap a flap over that stink winker!

Whether you’re trying to conceal unsightly puckering or reduce temptation for your weird dog anus fetish, Rear Gear has a butthole cover for YOU. What happens when your dog starts pooping? I dunno! But I imagine it would be somewhat similar to having someone push a cake under a door and into a carpet. I guess you’d have to get one and then wait patiently while creepily focused on your dog’s ass with an unblinking eye to find out for sure.

Thanks, Rear Gear! This might motivate me to finally make a lipstick cap for awkward dog boners.

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