“Clunkiest Company Name” Award


Mike Phirman took this picture of me last night in the parking lot of a TGI Fridays, the only open good-time eatery we could find when we arrived in St. Louis at 11pm.

“Computer Problem Busters” sounds like it was named in Japan and translated back into English. You have to admire their consistency! Their website ( is just as straightforward and uninspired! This kind of grass-roots, no-nonsense nerdery makes me think they might actually know what they’re doing.

*Side note: Mike kept being irritated by the string of cliche 90s megamix hits that were playing in Fridays. The playlist could have been named “Frat Party Rape Night.” Then I reminded him that if you heard these songs out in the world, you would sarcastically say to yourself, “Where the f*ck am I? TGI Fridays??” Then it all made sense.

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