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Design My Business Cards! (please)

by on November 2, 2009

Hey Design Nerds! I’m about to order a new batch of Nerdist business minicards from my favorite card makin’ company and I would like to include YOUR design!  I will use EVERY piece of art submitted within the correct guidelines for moo’s tiny rectangular cards (below). My only request is that you involve the word “Nerdist.”

I think user-generated artwork definitely jives with the vibe of the site and I am looking forward to seeing what the Nerdist concept means to you!

Make all GIF, PNG, JPEG or PDF submissions to [email protected]. You can follow the artwork guidelines below while simply usingthis template!

Artwork guidelines

Full Bleed size

(Recommended for creating artwork – this includes the bleed, which will be cropped in production. Please note, you do not need to add crop marks to your artwork)

  • 874 x 378 pixels (300dpi)
  • 74mm x 32mm (300dpi)
  • 2.91″ x 1.26″ (300dpi)

Final size when trimmed

  • 70mm x 28mm
  • 2.75″ x 1.10″

I thank you!