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Feeling Up The Motorola DROID
(With Its Permission, Of Course)

by on October 29, 2009

DROID1 Sleek, snazzy form also has great swiping on glass face. When you first launch, a robot-y voice blurps “DROID” like a classic 80s robot that answers everything with its own name. On an unrelated note, a woven basket is probably not the best place to keep a guitar.

DROID2Schwaaa? A slide-out keyboard??? You feel like the keys are going to be too small but they actually catch your fingertips quite well. On the downside, the keyboard adds considerable weight to the phone.

DROID3Just slightly thicker than its sparring buddy the iPhone (shown here with a red Moshi shell), Motorola claims that it’s the thinnest phone with a slide-out pad, perfect for your newborn keyboard kitten.

DROID4Capture pics with a dual LED flash in 5mp, or video in 720×480, for when you want to get those perfect spur-of-the-moment nutshots to send to your favorite Web Soup program.

Not pictured here are some of the cool enhancements to Android 2.0 which provides new slick in-phone menu navigation as well out out-of-phone navigation with a native turn-by-turn GPS level-up power for Google Maps (which I didn’t get a chance to test). I only spent a half hour with it, so I can’t give you as in-depth a review as I’d like. For more specific info make sure and watch “Attack of the Show” on G4 today at 7p ET.

Quick first impression? I’d say with Verizon’s Adamantium network behind it, this is a pretty kick-ass phone for the $200 you will trade for it.

ADDENDUM: Getting a lot of “…but would you trade your iPhone for it” questions. This is a personal preference decision. For me, no I wouldn’t. My priority is hardware over network and there are too many things about the iPhone as a device that I love. DROID seems pretty solid, though, so if you’re already on Verizon OR network strength is the most important thing to you then this is a great way to go. Besides, Verizon should give you 30 days to return it (double check that) so just take it back if you don’t like it.