Hard ‘n Phirm: Moose Lodge


This song is what you would call a “deep cut.” It’s on our non-vinyl album “Horses and Grasses” but never gets any attention because we didn’t make a video for it, nor do we ever play it live because we don’t have the dough to lug a Baritone around the country. Unfortunate, really, because it happens to be my favorite song of ours. Musically it was inspired by the Haunted Mansion ride, courtesy of my Disneyland Annual Passport. Yeah, I’ve got one. Don’t judge me.

Much of the lyrics of the song were taken from an actual application to join the Moose Lodge which I was given after some friends of mine got married at one. They still make you certify that you’re not a Communist. I’m surprised they don’t also make you denounce the Whig Party while they’re at it.

In any case, here it is. For free. Just cuz I want to smear it on the fabric of the world.

If you like it, download and pass it on. If not, I believe you can show yourself out.

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