The Best/Worst Tattoo I’ve Ever Seen


My best friend Mike Phirman sent this to pic to me. My previously favorite tattoo was a guy who had a full-bodied Popeye inked on his stomach and his penis was also Popeye’s. The proportions were hilarious and also what you might considerate accurate for the cartoon sailor: thick but squat. (That is, of course, until Popeye downs a can of spinach & the famous brass section riff kicks in as a warship appears on his impossibly extended shaft shortly before giving Olive a whirlwind rogering)

Back to my original point. This is my NEW favorite. This person definitely made lemonade from lemons with an otherwise abhorrent navel. From the flawless framing of the tuna-shitter right down to the “See anything you like?” look on the cat’s face, this tattoo deserves a trophy.


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