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My Favorite Vintage Tech Video

by on March 12, 2009

For years this has been one of my favorite videos on the Webs. CERTAINLY my favorite vintage vid. It’s a classic “World of Tomorrow” type scenario where women and robots are equally negatively stereotyped. In fact, if I were a robot watching this I would run my offended protocols. The other hilarious thing about it is how everything the RO-bit (as they pronounce it) does to service his human master looks DEADLY.

One thing you can’t argue, though is how accurate its depiction of the future was. Yessiree, I sure am glad we all have a huggably sterile bipedal ice-box with fire-hands, vacuum-feet and monotone charm dangerously butlering in our homes.

Thanks should be beamed directly onto the Prelinger Archives for making gems like this Public Domain.