Hard ‘n Phirm – "Trace Elements" Video

Phirm and I made this last year as part of a series called CPBS, which stands for “Country Public Broadcasting System.” The concept is that Country Music Television launched a Public Broadcasting wing. The videos have popped on and off the Web but this one’s back up again so I’m posting it here.

The first in the series, “Trace Elements,” was written on a dare from our pal Brian Posehn, who threw down a challenge that it would be impossible to make fun of Country music star Trace Adkins, as he is a blatantly unapologetic redneck. “He does all the work FOR you!” was Posehn’s argument. Our solution was to adapt Trace’s style to sing about an ass-kicking scientist, a topic rarely covered in the vast tapestry of Country music. We hope you enjoy it.

PS – There’s swearing in it, so prepare to be offended or enjoy it more. You pick.

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