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Managing Time Management Interview

by on December 29, 2008

I happened to be up in San Francisco a few weeks ago and strolled into the Wired offices to have a sit-down chat with my editor Adam Rogers, an hilarious chap that I wish I had a podcast with because our conversations typically go so far down the nerd hole that their content screams “niche podcast.”  In the opening of the vid, I’m reading some salty “letters to the editor” from the front of the current issue that were written in response to “Technology’s Gutterball,” a piece I wrote two months ago about the infiltration of tech into bowling. The first letter starts with an unironic use of the word “hogwash,” so you know that guy’s easily in his early hundreds. The second is a finger wagging at my contentiouness toward the advancements of bowling science. I think both gentlemen failed to grasp the tongue-in-cheekity of it all. This is why there should be a font for sarcasm. Oh well. Better for these guys to get their complaints out in magazines than by shooting strangers in the park. Gripes Not Snipes, I always say.

The rest of the video is me arrogantly blabbing about writing the piece, which is NEVER not fun.