iPhone 2.1 Is 2.FUN!


Sorry for the long absence of blogging with words…Co-hosting AOTS for the last two weeks was a blast (thank you Alison, thank you Layla) but it left me with little time to blab about stuff online. I’m sure the blogosphere felt a gaping wound but somehow managed to trudge on with its gajillionty other blogs.

OK! I have been trashing the new iPhone since the advent of the new iPhone but after having installed the 2.1 firmware update a couple of days ago I have to give Apple and SteJo an uncomfortably tight hug followed by some light boobplay. So far, it really seems to be doing what they promised: battery life has improved DRAMATICALLY, apps don’t seem to be crashing and 3G is as bright as productive as if it just came out of rehab. And sync backups, you ask? UNDER TWO FLIPPITY MINUTES. It’s true, I’m a dick sometimes but I like to think of myself as a fair dick, so all the bashing I’ve been dishing out onto my phone the last two months I now replace with Frenching and chocolate.

How are your experiences with 2.1? Do tell.

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