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3G iPhone Gets a Newer, Lower Rating on "Attack of the Show"

by on August 30, 2008

As promised, here is the AOTS re-review of the 3G iPhone. I want to make it clear that my goal is not to mindlessly crap on Apple–every computing device I have is a Jobs job. I think the 3G iPhone is a forward-thinking device that has the potential for being amazing but instead is only ok-zing. If the battery life and 3G coverage were useful, it’d be a score. Two things are an enormous bummer here:

1) AT&T charges more for their 3G plan but has embarrassing 3G coverage. I know there are some lawsuits a-brewing for crappy service and I sincerely hope it makes them sit up and actually put all of the cash they’re making back into their coverage. Of course, this probably won’t happen.

2) Regarding Apple and tech in general: Technology seems to be the only industry in which it is totally cool to release products before they’re finished. Successive patches and updates are now the norm. I realize that not every bug can be predicted until a device starts undergoing usage on a macro scale, but lately it seems ridiculous. It’d be like buying a microwave with just a “cook” switch and having to wait several months for the company to come over and install the door, the timer and the carousel. I think Apple released a bunch of stuff this year that they knew wasn’t ready and now their loyal consumers are getting hosed. My hope is that the countless complaint threads finally reach SteJo himself and they use 2008 as example of what not to do again. Unfortunately, they continue to amass Byzantine-grade riches thanks to a product line that you want to have hard sex with whenever you look at it, so I’m guessing most of those consumer tears will go unwiped.

In the anthropomorphized PC/Mac campaign, I feel like at some point
Justin Long’s hipster character should properly represent the stability
of some of Apple’s products by having the standard arty hipster anxiety
attack and curl up into a ball on the floor while cutting himself.