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REVIEW: Klipsch Icon WF-35 Home Theatre System

by on July 31, 2008

Hey, wealthy people and folks with no kids and therefore disposable incomes, do you miss the blatant opulence of the 1980s? Remember when it was "cool" to show other jerks how much cash you could throw around by adopting the dogma that bigger is WAY awesomer? Gone is the idea that your peripheral electronics should seamlessly blend into a zen-like environment. Just TRY and hide these sound blasters with their girth and wood veneer finish. The subwoofer ALONE is big enough for you and a poofy-haired Nicole Eggert look-alike to do rails of coke while tripping out on neon wall-art and listening to Glen Frey records while chatting about Reganomics.

It’s true that these speakers sound superb, but for $3750 they damn well better.