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AT&T Makes Bold Effort To Suck Worse

by on July 18, 2008

I applaud AT&T for its continuing effort to break the suck barrier. As if poor coverage and dreadful customer service weren’t lowering the bar enough, they made a posting on their site today promising that there were ready to make good on the free-Wi-Fi-to-iPhone-customers deal they promised in April, and then quickly retracted it. This whole thing has been a mess for a while. As a T-Mobile hotspot customer, I am usually unable to use the service I pay for in Starbucks because I get kicked over to an AT&T error message after an attempted log-in. Thousands of these locations now have both T-Mobile AND AT&T (in preparation for their unfulfilled promise), and the latter is not only not free, it’s stomping all over the former like a sexed-up bonobo. And don’t get judgey about my Starbucks habit—I gots to have mah chai latte while surfing mah RSS feeds…

I wonder if AT&T knows how much everyone hates them? I wonder if their CEO wakes up everyday in his molten lava chamber and whips back the duvet of stitched souls from his sanguine body, listens for the wailing cries of customers everywhere who are given the dark gift of dropping calls while standing still, clops his cloven hooves over to a mirror on which he casts no reflection and chuckles to himself in smug satisfaction while raping a kitten.

I don’t know why I keep expecting an ass to make anything other than turds, but I’m still somehow baffled every time AT&T digs further into the failure hole. I can’t wait till they lose billions of dollars the very day the iPhone is available on other carriers…


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