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WIRED Science Now On Hulu!

by on June 25, 2008


I look very serious in this picture. Let’s all just admit that. I’m “up to something.” Clearly it’s the kind of conspiratory hijinks one might find in an X Files or a Cold Case. Whatever the reason for the faux intensity, it shouldn’t eclipse the fact that EVERY EPISODE of PBS’s WIRED Science is now freely available on the digital broadcast museum of Hulu. Sadly, WiSci (as we call it in the WiSci biz) is never coming back to PBS because the flashy colors and forward-thinking science programming triggered pulmonary embolisms and uncontrolled urination in its core demographic, that being Elderly Cranks, 80-112 (as categorized by Nielsen Media).

But their life loss is your life gain in the way of Edutainment! Now, you can get all of your favorite WIRED Science shows! Like, Episode 1! Episode 2! And who could forget that thing that happened in Episode 6! Don’t forget, it’s all FREE (a bargain at twice the price!)! Long live exclamation points!!!

Thank you, Hulu, for resurrecting the maggoty corpse of the coolest show I ever hosted and putting it on display like a caged zombie! No go forth and be WiSci-ed!!!*

WIRED Science [Hulu]


*WARNING: WIRED Science may inspire brain activity and feelings of “awesomeness.” Pregnant women  should consult their physician before prolonged viewing regarding Neuro-Fetal Ejection, a disorder which can occur when excessive levels of dopamine in the brain induce labor just to have someone to tell about the amazing thing that was just seen. Symptoms of NFE include acute verbal effusiveness and sudden childbirth.