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What Element Are You?

by on June 26, 2008

Which element on the Periodic Table best defines you? Hydrogen? Magnesium? Gold? Nickel? You don’t know, do you? That’s because you haven’t been onto Facebook and added the “What Element Are You?” app from the diligent team over at WIRED Science Labs. The show may have passed away but you’d never know it if you lived on Facebook!

You (2007) – Facebook has apps!
You (2008) – Facebook sure has a lot of apps.

True, but this one is really fun. Working on a more complex model than “What kind of drunk are you,” WiSci’s braini-app allows you to not only define yourself elementally but to then take it one step further by forming compounds with your friends. Will you be table salt? Will you form a hydroxide? Will you create some new compound that by its very union defies the very laws of Nature itself? Because you are a sack of firecrackers with a “can-do” attitude, I’m confident you’ll find out. By the way, I’m Sodium!

What Element Are You?

*CREDITS: My friend Liz Burr over at KCET Interactive wrote the algorithm, while Princess Imoukhuede mapped out the elements and I wrote the content. The app was developed by Pure, Inc. and graphically designed by Nick La.