2008 CES: 3-D DLP HDTV

Samsung really impressed me this year. From the capable yet stylish Blackjack II cell phone to a powerful virtual surround Sound Bar with a wireless Bluetooth subwoofer to a new Ultra Mobile PC to RSS on your TV to OLEDs and larger smooth HDs to a freaking PERSONAL CELL TOWER, this peddler in electronic delights was probably my favorite overall exhibitor. The attached video demonstrates a 3-D technology that is available on ’07 and ’08 DLP HD TVs. You certainly don’t feel like you’re going to get poked by anything on screen, but it adds an undeniable dimension to your programming. It’s a $199 software add-on, but certainly worth it if you have kids, are kids or simply get excited about cool looking things like kids.

*Note: The glasses are actually wireless and only tethered for security purposes

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  • OMG!! You are so awesome!! I love how you just know the 60 frames per second or whatever. You are the only person I know who can pull off being nerdy. I also love your justification for why you were watching “Meet the Robinsons”. You are so awesome!!!!!!